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Here's What's Happening Around Cumberland Woods


  • *NEW* NEXTDOOR Mailing: A mailing was sent, likely to all homes, by a company called Nextdoor.  Please note that residents are free to do with the information what they please, but this has no affiliation to our HOA.
  • *NEW* Interested in Snow Plowing? Our new contractor for landscape and snow removal offers discounted rates to Cumberland Woods residents who are interested in snow removal services for the 2015-16 season.  Contact Garden Solutions at 248-881-8237 and ask for the special pricing for Cumberland Woods residents.  Seasonal and per-removal pricing is available.>
  • *NEW* Contractor Change: Please note that as of October 1, 2015, Garden Solutions has taken over services for landscaping, snow removal, and holiday entrance lighting.  Please contact them directly at 248-881-8237 or contact anybody on the Board with any questions or concerns.
  • *NEW* Capital Improvements: >The Board has approved projects to add two decorative lights on 16' poles at the entrance, as well as to improve the landscaping on the Twin Oaks island.  We are hoping to have both projects complete by the end of 2015, weather permitting.
  • Annual Meeting: The annual meeting was held on April 30th.  Many items were discussed including new investments that the Board is looking into so that our neighborhood continues to look beautiful.  The meeting minutes can be found here.
  • Bus Stop Safety: Please exercise caution around bus stops.  If lights are blinking on a bus, you must stop and wait until the driver turns off the lights.  Also, if you are waiting in your cars to pick up or drop off your child, you must allow space for traffic to pass through, and you must keep sight lines open.  Particular caution should be noted in this regard near the subdivision entrance
  • Yard Signs: Since there were some recent questions about signage, we are providing a reminder of the policy for yard signs.  Per city law, one real estate sign may be placed in front of a home that is for sale or rent.  Per Supreme Court rulings, during election cycles, political signs may be placed which endorse a particular candidate or issue, but city law states these must be removed no later than 24 hours following the election.  These are the only signs allowed.  All other signs are prohibited as per the subdivision by-laws.
  • Bylaws now available for search: A searchable copy of the bylaws is now available.  Please note that the searchable version is unofficial and that any actions should be referenced against the legal version.  Both copies are available in the Bylaws link.
  • Annual dues of $175 were be due by June 1st.
  • Safety Alert: Please make sure car doors are locked for any cars parked outside.  Also, make sure to lock and close your exterior & garage doors.  There have been recent incidents in our neighborhood
  • Damaged mailbox? If you need to replace or repair your mailbox, please contact 1-800-Mailboxes.  You must use the style which is in use throughout our neighborhood, which is 4550.

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